• Yeah, that's all very nice. But who the hell exactly is FFX Pedals?

FFX Pedals is basically me, Frank Fleckenstein, with a little help from friends here and there, since I can't be an expert on everything. But after all, I conceive, design and build the pedals in my Cologne workshop.

  • Since when does the company exist?

FFX Pedals is a new company, founded in 2020. But its founder has been working in MI industry since 1998, gathering experience in sales, marketing, product design & management.

  • I've just received my first FFX pedal and I am absolutely blown away. How can I support you guys?

Thanks and we're glad you like your pedal. Just spread the word and give us a like here and there on Facebook & Instagram.



  • I just received my FFX pedal, but even after sorting everything out, it doesn't seem to work. What now?

We're sorry that this happened, especially since we test every pedal leaving the workbench for functionality. We will replace your pedal with a new one immediately, while you return the faulty one for free.

  • Do you have any tips or recommended settings for the pedals?

Sure, just head over to our YouTube channel, where you'll find a video with settings and sounds for every pedal. Every pedal will obviously have a different impact, depending on your setup.

  • I tested my FFX pedal for a couple of days, but it doesn't really fit my setup.

No worries at all. You have the right to withdraw your purchase for a period of 14 days, beginning on the day of your product's arrival. Simply let us know that you want to return it via email and ship it back to us, using the package we sent originally. Please make sure that the package is traceable and include all the contents of the original package.

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