Friends & Cool Companies to check out


If you want the clone or the reissue of pedal XYZ, then go and search somewhere else. JPTR FX are going the extra mile to create things different, interesting and unexpected. Plus, they are really cool dudes, as chilly as the north coast of Germany itself.

Baguley Guitars

This young and rising company manufactures aluminum replacement necks that deliver indeed endless sustain. Stay tuned for their upcoming lines of guitars as well!

Haven Pickups

Info and link coming soon!!!

Partners & Selected FFX Pedal Dealers


The biggest German-speaking pedalboard forum with over 16k members and counting. Great reading source and library for pedals and their current demands.


One of Germany's biggest retailers in MI and a true destination store, where you can test and purchase our pedals.

FX Pedal Planet UK

Our trusty partner on the British island, for all of you living in the UK, wanting our pedals as fast as possible!