Our current line of pedals:

All you can Boost 

Powerful, versatile and ear-pleasing. Say hello to your new best friend forever!

Sir Reel V2 (discontinued!)

Slight compression, saturation, boost for a solo or total preamp meltdown...you decide!

Doble Cabron - Dual Overdrive

Flexible Dual-Overdrive with footswitchable order change - giving you access to 4 different sounds on-the-fly. A whole new world of sonic possibilities!

Gold Member - Dual Overdrive

Lots of classic overdrive DNA in a small, versatile & good-looking package! Become part of the club! :)


Makes things fuller, smoother and creates a tighter connection between player, guitar & amp!

Ark of Tone Signature Overdrive

The ultimate low to mid-gain overdrive, that also interacts amazingly with your guitar!