Ark of Tone Signature Overdrive

The all new Ark of Tone Overdrive is a collaboration between FFX Pedals and Jonathan from The Tone Lounge. It is based on his long search for the ultimate drive pedal and uses Craig Anderton's "Tube Sound Fuzz", a CMOS-based circuit, as its foundation.

The Ark of Tone has two identical drive circuits in one compact enclosure. Both are controlled via Drive, Volume, Low Pass Filter & Voltage controls and can be used individually, stacked or in A/B mode.

Sonically it will get you everywhere between power amp breakup and singing synth-like fuzz. The LPF control will help tame the high-end since, CMOS circuits tend to sound brighter, especially when used with some of the traditional amp models out there. The Voltage control makes things even more interesting, since you can get down to that lo-fi, starving fuzz sound and create amazing fuzz textures.

The middle footswitch will activate both drives at the same time, when the pedal is fully bypassed. When one of the drives is active, it works as an A/B switch between them. This allows for a lot of different scenarios to play with the pedal.

For the first time in our young company history, we collaborated with someone external on a pedal design. Jonathan from the Tone Lounge and Frank were simply talking about how the perfect overdrive pedal would look and sound like. This led to a basic idea, led to a plan and ended up being the start of a design process, which has come to a fruitful result.