Doble Cabron - Dual Overdrive

Flexible Dual-Overdrive with footswitchable order change - giving you access to 4 different sounds on-the-fly. A whole new world of sonic possibilities!

Dual overdrives are not new to the world of pedals. But this one will interact with you in a different way.
When we thought about creating our first Double OD, we obviously wanted to make it sonically versatile and intuitive in the first place, but it should also be great to pair with any kind of amplifier.

The Doble Cabron is the result of that creative process!

It features two overdrive circuits that offer a variety of sounds each and can be stacked to create even more sonic options. The left side runs a bit hotter on gain and offers a more dramatic change of frequencies, when playing with the "Range" control. 

The right side is a bit more relaxed and will work great as a boost into the second circuit. BUT: You can also use the order switch in the middle to change things up at any time. This leads to the access of 4 different sounds on-the-fly!

The "Range" switch offers two kinds of mid frequency arrangements. This allows to match it with any kind of amplifier, whether you need an extra hump of mids or not. "Thick" changes the low end before the gain stage to be able to use the Doble Cabron in front of already overdriven amps.