Gold Member - Dual Overdrive

Lots of classic overdrive DNA in a small, versatile & good-looking package! Become part of the club! :)

The Gold Member Dual Overdrive is packed with classic drive and distortion spirit, but focusses on playing dynamics and tonal flexibility for the demanding player of the 21st century. We've worked very hard to erase most of the internal compression, since we think there's already enough of that going in other parts of the signal chain (amps, consoles, outboard, floor monitors etc.)

Our second dual overdrive in the line-up speaks to the traditional player, but also serves the needs of contemporary axe swingers, who might be using a complex rig with a loop switcher. Both drive sides of the Gold Member can be routed independently for the use in a switching system. A simple patch cable can reverse the order from R > L to L > R. Or you can just use the two outer jacks to use the pedal in the most simple way.

The right hand side offers everything from clean boost to pushed drive all the way to power amp distortion. Two gain controls give you access to either distorted or clean preamp gain, creating complex or rough tones. The "+" switch will offer you two different gain ranges to experiment with.

The left hand side holds more tonal variety and gain reserves. However, with almost no gain added, it also serves you well as a slightly driven boost with added controls for low and high frequencies, as well as a feed control which works hand in hand with the EQ section to fine-tune the saturation of the frequencies. Our favorite order is L > R if you're into some of the classic blues & rock sounds that influenced generations of guitar players!