The Sir Reel was inspired by an old German echo/reverb from the 1970’s, made by Dynacord. While the effects of said unit were pretty decent, a lot of session players used its in- and output section to saturate the signal of their amps, or even to play directly into a mixing desk during studio sessions.

That section tolerated lots of signal without any distortion, unless turned all the way up. At that point the volume level was that high, it would crush the input stage of every amp. The Sir Reel can do the same thing, but we’ve added a blend control, so you can gradually combine it with you dry signal.

When “Blend“ turned all the up, you’ll get the exact same effect from the two main controls, which we’ve called “Fat“ & “Grit“. Or leave it at 50% to add complexity to your main sound.


  • Flexible Signal Saturator
  • Blend Control for more signal complexity
  • Runs on 9V DC (power supply not included)
  • Current max 148mA
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • 2 Years of Warranty
  • Comes with a certificate and a handy surprise

Every FFX pedal is carefully checked for perfect functionality and will ship worldwide via DHL.

Eytschpi42's Demo & Review of the Sir Reel