Ark of Tone Signature Overdrive (Pre-Order, 1st batch November 2023)

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The ultimate low to mid-gain overdrive, that also interacts amazingly with your guitar!

Ark of Tone Signature Overdrive

Inspired by Craig Anderton's "Tube Sound Fuzz", a popular schematic from the late 1970s, the Ark of Tone brings you amazing tones between power amp breakup and smashing fuzz thickness in a compact enclosure. It also features a great tone control, lets you regulate the supply voltage for each side and adds flexible switching options for a great deal of versatility.

For the first time in our young company history, we collaborated with someone external on a pedal design. Jonathan from the Tone Lounge and Frank were simply talking about how the perfect overdrive pedal would look and sound like. This led to a basic idea, led to a plan and ended up being the start of a design process, which has come to a fruitful result.

The Ark of Tone features an effective, yet smooth low pass filter for each drive side, for when you're playing a more traditional and bright sounding amp. We also included a voltage control for each side, so you can roll it down to 3V for that starving, lo-fi fuzz sound.
Finally, we implemented a great switching solution to make the pedal a great companion in any musical context. You can activate each side individually, or use the middle switch to activate both drives simultaneously. If one of the drives is engaged, the middle footswitch works as an A/B switch.

Size or Dimensions

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  • 12.0 x 9.7 x 5.7 cm (4.72" x 3,81" x 2,24") inc. knobs
  • 430g (0.95 lbs)
  • Runs of 9V power supply (51mA current)

Product Details

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  • Two independent CMOS overdrives in a compact 1590BB enclosure
  • Inspired by the late 70s “Tube Sound Fuzz"
  • Sounds between tube amp breakup and thick fuzz
  • Drive, Volume, LPF and Voltage controls per side
  • Footswitches for each side
  • Middle footswitch to activate both sides or toggle between them
  • Comes with a handy surprise & case candy