Gold Member

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Lots of classic overdrive DNA in a small, versatile & good-looking package! Become part of the club! :)

Gold Member

The Gold Member is our second dual overdrive creation and this time we dug deep into some of our favorite circuits and combined them in a powerful package. One primary focus was to eliminate compression as much as possible, in order to preserve playing dynamics and reactivity, even at higher gain setting with both drive sides being stacked.
The right hand side offers a wide array of tones from clean boost to pushed drive up to power amp distortion. The two gain controls add either preamp level with or without distortion, which makes for a lot of either smooth or more complex sounds. The plus switch gives you two general gain ranges to work with.
The left hand side is even more versatile, sporting more gain as well as low & high controls. It can become a lot heavier, but the real magic happens when you stack both drives together. 

And you can do that in various ways: Each drive side has its own in- and output. Going into Input 1 and then from Output 2 into your amp will keep the visual order (right > left) of the drives. But with a simple patch cable, you can revert that order. Or, if you're running a loop switcher, you can connect each drive separately and then work it out from there. 

Size or Dimensions

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  • 12.0 x 9.7 x 5.7 cm (4.72" x 3,81" x 2,24") inc. knobs
  • 430g (0.95 lbs)
  • Runs on 9-18V power supply (not included)

Product Details

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  • Two Independent Overdrives in a compact 1590BB enclosure
  • Right side controls: Gain1, Gain2, Sparkle, Volume, "+" Switch
  • Left side controls: Gain, Feed, Low, High, Volume
  • Independent in- and outputs for each drive side
  • Allows for up to 18V operation for increased headroom and dynamics
  • Comes with a handy surprise & case candy