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Makes things fuller, smoother and creates a tighter connection between player, guitar & amp!


Maybe you’ve been in that situation before: You found a great sounding guitar, you’ve got yourself an amazing amp, accessories etc., yet somehow you feel like you’re not fully connected to your rig. I have seen this exact scenario numerous times during my time working in retail stores. 

The MP is a preamp/boost, which was created with the idea to glue things together, to create a more intense base tone to make your amp work harder, but not necessarily distort or drive too early. You’ll get a great in-your-face response and feedback from your amp. The MP has a slightly darker voicing, which tends to work great with brighter amps or amps that become brighter at higher volume levels. It also has a lot of potential, so watch out for your amps preamp section! :-)

However, it wouldn't be an FFX pedal if it didn't have a HPF control in it. If you are running your amp in the drive channel or cranked up into saturation, but you want some extra kick and keep the low end tight, we've got you covered!

Size or Dimensions

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  • 130 x 66 x 58 mm (incl. knobs & jacks)
  • 380 grams

Product Details

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  • Powerful boost/preamp/driver
  • HPF control to get a defined low end
  • Pre & Post gain controls
  • Texture control to change between raw or smooth gain structure
  • Runs on 9V DC (power supply not included)
  • Current max: 15mA
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • 2 years of Warranty
  • Comes with a handy surprise & case candy